Dampf Wolke: ♛ Amazier by Ambition Mods ♛

Steamshots TV: Nikotin Liquid in Zigaretten umrechnen

DampferZimmer: Heute zu Gast: Christian von Steampipes


RP-Online.de: E-Zigaretten in den Niederlanden bald nur noch mit Tabakgeschmack
(Bemerkungen: Die Niederlande gehen einen traurigen Weg. Dummheit schlägt Tatsachen.)

Saechsische.de: E-Zigarette löst Brand in Dresdner Hotel aus


VapingPost.com: Ads Focusing on the Adverse Consequences of Vaping Were The Most Effective on Teens

VapingPost.com: Malaysian Authorities Are Being Pressured to Ban Vapes to Prevent Teen Vaping

VapingPost.com: Review: Xros 3 – Vaporesso

Planet of the Vapes: Elux announce sponsorship of Tyson Fury Vs Derek Chisora

Planet of the Vapes: Hazardous Fake Vape Warning

Planet of the Vapes: Vapers Are Deviants

ColinMendelsohn.com.au: The TGA’s consultation on vaping is a sham

Vapouround.co.uk: FDA has launched an initiative to tackle the scourge of ‘rumours, misinformation and disinformation’

TobaccoReporter.com: Australia Plans Major Crackdown on Nicotine

TobaccoReporter.com: The Bullshit Asymmetry Principle

EcigaretteDirect.co.uk: Nicotine-Free Vaping: A Blessing or a Curse?

AMA.com.au: Moves to tighten tobacco and vaping laws welcomed

NLTimes.nl: Dutch ban on flavored e-cigarettes to begin on October 1; Only tobacco flavor allowed

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