Dampfer Magazin: BFTG Verbands-Webinar zum TabStMoG


Fog Maker Finti: Was ist der Bypass Modus im geregelten Akkuträger / E Zigarette? Anfängerfrage

Smokewolke’s Bastelecke: Post für Diane 08/04/2021


DampfFreiheit: [AU] Uni Queensland – E-Zigarette hilft bei Rauchstopp – Metastudie


VapingPost.com: New Study Looks Into Factors Influencing Smokers’ and Ex-Smokers’ Use of IQOS

VapingPost.com: Idaho House Kills Bill Proposing a Hike in The Local Tobacco Age Limit

Planet of the Vapes: Consumer Organisation Concerned About Vape Shop Security

Planet of the Vapes: UKVIA’s VApril Webinar

Vaping360.com: Marvel Comics Creates Anti-Vaping Propaganda for FDA

TheConversation.com: Passive vaping: an impending threat to bystanders

WHO.int: US$ 1.4 trillion lost every year to tobacco use – New tobacco tax manual shows ways to save money and build back better after COVID-19

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