DampferBen: Love und Vaping | Thema: E-Zigarette #104


Nebelkrähe: Plötzlich verschwunden (Teil 2)

DampfFreiheit: [DE] DGSP – E-Zigarette: Chance oder Risiko?


VapingPost.com: New Study Claims That Vaping Causes Wheezing And Shortness of Breath

VapingPost.com: Vape Shop Sues Over Flavor Ban Southwest of Minneapolis

Vaping360.com: Michigan Gov. Whitmer Drops Proposed Flavor Prohibition

Townhall.com: Dear Congress, Federal Health Agencies Don’t Need More Funding for E-Cigarette Alarmism

MJA.com.au: New laws won’t drive vapers back to smoking say experts

StandardMedia.co.ke: Embrace new evidence-based tobacco control to save lives

CommentCentral.co.uk: Banning e-cigarettes would cost lives, not save them

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