Der Dampfer Talk: Stammtisch

DampferBen: Love und Vaping | Thema: E-Zigarette #117


DampfFreiheit: [DE] Hessen – E-Zigarette in HessNRSG


Tagblatt.ch: Der Thurgau ist bereit für das Verkaufsverbot von Tabak an Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren [CH]


VapingPost.com: Derek Yach Leaves PMI-Funded Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

VapingPost.com: Kiwi Researcher Discusses E-Liquid Flavours’ Safety

VapingPost.com: The WHO Can’t Afford to Get Wrong Again – Yet It Is!

Planet of the Vapes: UKVIA Issues Disposables Guidance

Planet of the Vapes: Dossier Raises Major Concerns

Vaping360.com: Biden Announces Nomination of Califf as FDA Commissioner

FilterMag.org: Women’s Voices Among Those Absent at the Global Tobacco Control COP

ThePattayaNews.com: Thai Government urged by pro e-cigarette group to look at the Philippines and the United Kingdom for their stance on not banning e-cigarettes

Wired.com: E-Cigarettes Could Be the New Nicotine Patch

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