JD Vapes: The Hall of Vape 2022 – Erster Messetag HOV – Cinematic


Dampfschnuten.de: Nur noch Hobby

DampfFreiheit: [CN] Studie – meisten Toxine im Dampf nicht enthalten


BVRA: Konsumentenbefragung zum Dual-Use


Chip.de: E-Zigaretten werden teurer: Steuererhöhung greift in wenigen Tagen

AerzteBlatt.de: US-Gericht setzt Verkaufsverbot für E-Zigarettenmarke Juul vorerst aus


VapingPost.com: The Swedish Parliament Votes Against The Ban on Vape Flavours

VapingPost.com: The FDA’s Juul Ban is Temporarily Blocked by Federal Court

VapingPost.com: Geekvape Enjoyed The Greatest Popularity Among The World Vape Show

Planet of the Vapes: Harm Reduction: an International Human Right

Planet of the Vapes: Juul: Dead In The USA?

Vaping360.com: Press Release: More Than Infinity! VOOPOO Global New Product Launch Kicks Off June 29 Online

Vaping360.com: AVM Asks FDA to Delay Business-Killing Enforcement

ABC.net.au: Street sales, online dealers and convenience stores: Inside the thriving black market for nicotine vapes

ACSH.org: Let’s Talk About Nicotine

CAGW.org: Limiting Access to Tobacco Harm Reduction Products Harms Public Health

SMH.com.au: State health ministers to ask for crackdown on vaping products at the border

TBSNews.net: Law being amended to ban e-cigarettes

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