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VapingPost.com: The FDA Rejects PMTAs For Over 800 Flavoured Vaping Products

VapingPost.com: China: Shares in Vape Brands Drop Following State Media Report

Planet of the Vapes: ASH Scotland Wants Ecig Clampdown

Planet of the Vapes: CVA Responds to Flavour Ban Proposal

Vaping360.com: FDA Has Now Issued PMTA Denials to 168 Vape Companies

CliveBates.com: Psychoactive Podcast: The E-cigarette revolution – vaping, nicotine and harm reduction

EcigIntelligence.com: On California’s Animal Farm for former hippies it’s cannabis good, e-cigs bad

TobaccoReporter.com: UKVIA Issues Compliance Guidance for Disposables

TobaccoReporter.com: States Urged to Act in Absence of FDA Action on Majors

TheHill.com: Social media misinformation about e-cigarettes is harmful for smokers

Euronews.com: Cigarette sales could end in many countries ‘within 10 to 15 years’ says tobacco giant Philip Morris

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